Please return the links to the footer!

Latest Reply from Rami Abdallah at 2013-01-10 17:12:47
I recently downloaded the GameWorld theme and installed on my worpress before I bought it. While activiating the theme it asked me to spend 20 bucks to get the key code to use the theme, which I did. I inputed the key and activated it.

After It was activated I check out website and none of the changes to affect so I deleted cache, cookies, and history.

Soon as I did this I had to leave and I came back a hour later and turned computer on and tried to log on to my wp-admin so I can continue to work on it.

But now when I got to my website: all I get is a white page with "Please return the links to the footer!" in a red box and "Or purchase free links version of the theme." which you can click on and go to this website.

It wont even let me login to my wp-admin anymore it just goes to the exact same thing. I cant do anything without being able to login to my wordpress dashboard.
Hello, Been three days now, I understand two of those were weekend, but it has been almost a whole business day and no replies to my problem? There is someone else on the forum with the exact same problem. Can we get some help please?
Sorry for taking so long to answer your message. Please contact us via to solve this.
Hello, I did what was asked I reinstalled the theme via FTP. Which made me able to get back in my dashboard but again once I put in my activation key in the required field on my dashboard the same thing happens. Soon as I activate with my key it takes something out of the footer which in return doesnt allow me to get back in to wordpress and my website doesnt work. Just get the same message about the footer.
I did what you asked I deleted the GamingWorld Theme via FTP and reinstalled it. I came back to this website clicked on my key again went back to dashboard inserted my key clicked on activate and wouldnt you know I get "
Please return the links to the footer!" At the top of my page again.

I dont know whats going on, I payed for my key. I really like this theme but it has been going on four days now. Even though I can get in my dashboard now I cant really do anything if I want to keep this theme. Please for the love of the goodlord will someone get this figured out for me. Its not much but I do pay a monthly website hosting bill and everyday I cant work on my website is another day it wont be done so Im basically spending money on nothing so far.
Did you ever get this figured out? I have the same issue and still no email response.
I too have this issue and am absolutely FUMING I spent several hours getting the look of my blog right and then purchased the key, activated and now have the white screen with error message. I don't care if it's Christmas it's obvious this problem has been around for a while. If I don't get a fast response to my support request I'm going to charge back on my credit card.
Problem fixed. Was sent replacement files of an activated theme and it works now.
I have the same problem, No one form the support contact me till now

I have sent about 3 mails with no reply

How can I solve this problem :(

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