Please Return Links to footer, After Activation and FTP

Latest Reply from Alice at 2013-12-05 07:17:30
This theme worked great before I purchased it, minus your links on the bottom of the page. Now that I paid it stops working? How is this a good business practice? I emailed your support team, no response yet.

Your HTML email system is broken, as my 3 confirmation emails were delivered in code.

I'm not sure what is going on over there but if you need some assistance I would gladly offer my services.

The FTP access during activation is a SERIOUS security issue and I would advise you to do away with that all together. If someone is savvy enough to install the theme in the first place, They will be savvy enough to reinstall it with the link free version and or activation code.

Please rectify the issue with the theme activation promptly, otherwise I will be requesting a refund, and I will never buy another thing from you guys again.
Same problem here!!!
My host WILL NOT allow this for security reasons. Why has it got to be done this way? If there is no work-around, I want my money back.
I can't give access to my FTP to strange people!

This method of activation is a disaster. What's next? Do they ask us what our Paypal user and password? Gentlemen, this is not serious.
Please, contact us via

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