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I bought a template a few months ago but I dropped using it after lots of issues. I never got reply for any of my questions...then a few days ago I decided to try another template..this time a free version to see if I can make it work...and gosh..I am having all kind of problems with Molecula!!


a)Slider would load properly or would NOT load at all!!
b) Slider insist in appearing at each page despite of being selected for Homepage ONLY!!
c)Tempalte looks different at every major browser!!

ac) I use Mozila (Firezox) and although I experience all the above least I have managed to see the tempalte the way I wanted.
bc) Template is completed out of place with Chrome! (Slider and navgar would not show at all)

cc) Template at Internet Explorer would only show half of slider and it is the only browser that shows the drop menu from the navbar!!!!!!

PLEASE HELP! I am building a website for a radio station about to launch!!!!!!

How can I get support here????????????
The website Iam trying to sort out is:
Sorry...wrong link...the website I am trying to sort out with your template is:
Really strange, but the slider works in Firefox and in IE. You need to turn off "Load Content Dynamically" on page Dashboard --> Molecula --> Layout.
Thanks Sparrow for your comment...yes, I am very well aware that the slider works with Mozilla -- but not with Chrome!! And with Internet Explorer will show only half of it.

The are others issues with that template (and the primium one I bought a few months ago which I never managed to fully use -- to be honest - I dont know why I am bothering here -- but I quite like the current template I've chosen now - Molecula - but very similar issues with the other one.

One thing I forgot to mention is that the slider when using Firefox..if am at an internal page..let's say 'Our hosts' and I want to go to Home..I wont see the slider UNTIL I reload the page!! So in other words...every time I go to the Home page I need to reload it in order to see the slider!!!

So.....I am in limbo here....honestly..the customer service here is zero!

Frankly speaking, I've tryed your site in IE and in Chrome. It works the same in all browsers. And I understood! You have to turn off "Load Content Dynamically". It solves the problem with a slider right away.
As for IE..Probably,different versions of IE displays the site different..But my IE9 displays the same with Chrome and with Firefox.
thanks sparrow..the issue continues on my side:-(

Also,can you explain why I can't see the drop menu at all in firebox?
May be you need to enable JavaScript in FireFox. That is all that I can suppose. Press Alt in Firefox, then Tools->Options->Content->Enable JavaScript.
I just had someone to look into it...a proper webmaster..according to himthe entire template is bogus!! It is not properly encoded....s get your act together people before offering this to the public.

I should get my money back..for the Allium template that never worked!!!

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