Please do not pack smthemesjs

Latest Reply from ESV Lok Berlin-Schöneweide e.V. at 2021-02-21 08:17:34
I am one of the many users who struggle with the recent jQuery update. You have provided a mercury theme 2.5 with some changes, but now the menus don’t work anymore. (Mobile and Desktop)

In the process of fixing this myself, I noticed an error message about jQuery.swipe in js/smthemes.js
Unfortunately it was packed and so I had to go and find some unpack method, before I could actually debug it.
Please use an unpacked version. There is nothing to be gained from packing since all files are served with gzip compression anyway.
In numbers this means:

packed version:
9.1kB file size
4.0kB gzipped / transfer size

unpacked, pretty-printed version:
10.6kB file size
3.3kB gzipped / transfer size

So while the file size goes slightly up, the actual amount of data transferred over the wire is 20% less and parsing in the browser is also much faster due to not using any eval.

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