Please return the links to the footer!

Latest Reply from Nikhil Khullar at 2013-08-25 22:31:11

I keep getting this message when I open my website. How can I solve this issue!

It is not even possible to purchase the "free links version of the theme" because whenever I click buy now, it tells me the cart is empty!

I need immediate assistance in this matter. I need my website back! It is very important and I have already contacted the support team and I haven't reached a reply.

If anyone faced the same issue before, please any assistance in the matter will be highly appreciated.

I have checked CreativeCom purchasing and it works. Please, try to clear cookies in your browser, and restart browser, or try another browser.

P.S. For quick fix your website, you can simply return the footer.php from archive of the theme, you have downloaded.

How can I return it?

How can I return the footer.php?

The website does not open at all, so how can I return the footer.php?

Whenever I try to open my website, I get the "please return the links to the footer" page.

Please help me ASAP.

Connect to your host via ftp, open directory with the theme (/wp-content/themes/creativecom/) and replace file footer.php with the footer.php from archive of the theme.

I bought diablofun theme but i cant change footer links. please help me. my e-mail address

Hi, serkankarabacak86!

To remove links:

1) log in members area on, on page you will see purchased theme, click by button "Get new activation key" near to this theme, specify your website URL and click by "Get new key". You will see a message with activation key for your theme.

2) go to your website dashboard, type this key on page, and click by "Activate".

After you done you can remove links from your footer.

There are problems with the removal of links in the footer. After buying the theme and activate it remove the link from the footer, but I get the following message: "Please return the links to the footer!". Wrote you an e-mal, but no response received. Why so long to decide and do not answer?

Hi I'm having this same problem. I bought a theme and i was able to successfully activated the key activation BUT every time i will remove the footer links, i get the message "Please return the links to the footer!" The key activation is not working. I also wrote an email but to no avail. I haven't received any email from the tech support. I need to resolve this ASAP. Please help!
Same problem here.

Theme Activation
Theme was successfuly activated with key 118 enz...

But the website is down by:
Please return the links to the footer!
Or purchase free links version of the theme.

Also I am trying to get in contact with the support but no answer yet.

What can I do to get the theme "Cinema" working?

Ditto, same issue. Theme says activated with correct domain but 'error' message still appears. Doesn't appear to be cache / cookie related either.
Does not work here as well. Will claim a refund on paypal for this.
Same problem here.... I did overwrite the library file with the and from that moment I have this problem!

I need tot get rid of this warning.... any help is appreciated!!!!
Same problem. Entering your activation key does not give you an option to remove the footer links.
Same problem here also... Links can not be removed...
My site is screwed !
Please help ..!

Why is there no reply from support ..?

HELP !!!

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