please return links to the footer!

Latest Reply from hebam at 2012-09-21 12:02:43

Or purchase free links version of the theme. How? After removing the links this annoying page has blocked everything.. Doesn't let me access my dashboard anymore.. I have bought the theme. Have paid for it and go the activation code.. But this page is not letting me in the dashboard. Please help.

To bring your theme to work, just return links or re-upload a file where they were from an archive.

which file are we talking about here?

ok.. i ve managed to do that now.. and trying to activate the theme.. I have entered the activation key and this message came up..
Activation Error. Error code - #5121. Please contact with us via to fix it.. Please help

Try again, please. With the same key

I keep getting this message when I open my website. How can I solve this issue!

How can I return the links if I can't even access my website!!

It is not even possible to purchase the "free links version of the theme" because whenever I click buy now, it tells me the cart is empty!

I need immediate assistance in this matter. I need my website back! It is very important and I have already contacted the support team and I haven't reached a reply.

If anyone faced the same issue before, please any assistance in the matter will be highly appreciated.

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