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Latest Reply from Salty Dog at 2016-06-16 17:19:35 Solution
I am at a loss of words. I have the Developer Garage theme. Multi-site. 4 of my sub-domains works flawlessly. I made a 5th one: and it will not populate no footer nor the content in the home page below the Post-Article Div. I have mirrored all settings to match the other sub-domain settings but to no prevail, it just don't work. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.

I have checked your websites and haven't found out what is this issue.
Please, try to enable the WP_DEBUG option and get more information about the issue you have, and let me know about it. See the instruction here:
Could you also clarify the URLs of your other websites?
Thank you for looking into it. I had found my problem that was some bad Javascript. I am surprised it shut the whole page down, but i did get it resolved. I am a idiot and did not go through my code with a fine tooth comb. Thank you for your fast reply.

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