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Latest Reply from Blobby at 2013-06-25 11:28:40
I have some issues when it comes to creating additional page templates. I know there is Default and Contact Form page template that comes with stock GameFun theme (you can choose them while creating page), but where I can find code for Default page template? I would like to make some new templates for each category (as I have on my other site). I've used to have page templates stored in additional *.php files, but there's no any of those files in this theme.
Okay, never mind, I've managed to do this by myself, had to write whole new loop for the additional page templates.
i would to like to know too
I'd also like to know how to do this (without having to re-write the whole theme!)
It's not that easy; I also had to write a whole new loop for each additional template. Create a new page template and then it's basically trial and error. I found help here:

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