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Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-05-19 02:57:45
I was wondering if there is a way to replace the category navbar with pages navbar or a custom menu. Any help is greatly appreciated.

By default, there are two menus always visible on your screen, the "Main" menu and the "Top" menu. To customize any of them you have to go to the page Appearance => Menus and set the created menu as a main/top menu. Here are the intelligible instructions:
Thank you so much Alice. I don't know why I was drawing a blank. I had done that many times in the past with other themes. I have another question: is it possible to move the social media icons in the footer widget up top to the header area? That'd be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
Our themes don't support such feature.
All changes such as change background, change font, or add new elements, etc you can do by yourself editing css and html at your own risk.
We don't provide any services, paid or unpaid, for editing themes for individual users.

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