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Latest Reply from musichel at 2014-04-13 20:07:43

I started using MusicSpace a couple of months ago and I am generally very satisfied with it. However, following the recent inception of a new page, I have encountered some issues with the theme.

When you go to the following page - - and click the 'Home' button on the navigation bar, it shows the home page without the nRelate Most Popular plug-in and with the page title even though I had deactivated it for that page. (To get an idea of what the homepage is supposed to look like, either refresh the page or go to

Also, when you click on the aforementioned Top 15 page from any page on the website, you'll find that the page title ('Top 15') appears at the top of the page even though I had it disabled for that page. The Twitter widget on the right sidebar doesn't work either.

Just another question: How do I go about upgrading my theme from Free to Standard? I am considering doing that if this issue is resolved. Do I need to re-download the theme and re-configure all the settings from scratch?

If anyone could assist with this, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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