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I'm having problems with this theme and plugins I use...

When I click another link in the menu the page doesnt fully reload and some things arent loaded the way the should be...

I had this with a review plugin I removed allready and now again with a domain checker...

When I navigate trough my site with the menu the search field on that page is not shown the right way. When I fully refresh this page it is loaded complete and shown the way it surpose to be.

I also noticed because the pages arent fully reloaded the meta discription is the meta discription of the page that was loaded fully for the last time...

This is very anoying and I can't find a way to fix this...

Am I the only one with this problem?

Thanks for any help

Kind Regards


please announce your website URL first, how do i know what is wrong and what can not load successfully ?
and please announce all plugins that you are using.

about site descriptions and title and meta you can check it in your webpage source by right click on your website and click view source page, in the first rows you can see the meta, description and title that exist in head.

have fun!


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Thanks for the reply and I know where I can find my meta tag...

What I mean is that it is not correct sometimes because my pages doesnt fully reload when going to another page...

For example when I go from Home -> Webhosting Particulier (small) I still got the meta discription from Home... Do you know what I mean?

And some Javascript function are not fully loaded...

Another example:

When going from any page to

The searchbar beneath the table isnt fully loaded... When you refresh the page it is...

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Hello again....

Am I the only one with this problem? I like this theme very much but it doesnt work the way I want it to work.

Because it is using javascript everywhere my pages doesnt fully reload. Like others mentioned before I had some problems with Forms and I still have problems with my reviews form.

Also it doesnt show every page change on Google Analytics by a visitor.

Is it possible to fully load the page when I visit a new page?

If authors of this theme doesnt know the answers thats ok but at least leave a reply...

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards

I have similar problem with
All Plugins are not loaded, and pages are not refreshed as they should after viewing images and then going back in web browser. Im using Filmplus theme with wordpress 3.5.1
I think its some kind of JavaScript error/conflict? Disabling all plugins dont work either, but changing theme fix it! :(
Turning off "Load content dynamically" on page Theme Settings --> Layout in your dashboard fixes this problem!=)

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