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Latest Reply from Edmund Snyder at 2015-03-25 14:55:15 Solution
I purchased the Musicspace license yesterday. Everything looked great, except that I was trying to change my hyperlinks so that they would be a visible color in the style.css (which I never got to work). Somehow I messed up the .css file, so I completely deleted the Musicspace theme from my server, downloaded a new copy from your website, reinstalled it, reactivated it, and now I have even bigger issues.

Everything is aligned to the left instead of centered the way it was, so that now the social network buttons are sitting on top of the body. This is without making any changes to the .css files at all, so now I'm a bit stumped. I cleared the caches on all of my browsers thinking maybe it was storing the old stylesheet. Please help. My website is
Never mind, apparently it was a conflict with the Jetpack plugin. As soon as I disabled it, everything worked as advertised.

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