Page 2 link not linking to page 2 NEWS POST

Latest Reply from Francesco Carpineto at 2016-10-20 09:20:18 Solution
Hello Support Team,

I have buy the Theme "Tank".

I seem to be receiving a strange problem with the index page and posts. I have set correctly READING settings have set to show 3 posts per page.

I now have 5 posts showing with a link to the second page that does not work. The second page shows if placed directly in the address bar, but fails. Additionally, the second page content is shows within the index.

I am using more than 2 themes from SMTHEMES with the same problem on all. Is this a bug?

Any help is appreciated. Links are below. - Home Index - second page of content.

I dont want all on Home Index.

Thanks in advance.

There is no bug. Probably, you haven't disabled the Load Content Dynamically option on the Tank --> Layout page in the dashboard of your website.
Thank you, this works! :)

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