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The people I made the site for are complaining about the page with the posts. They want to make posts with several pictures in a single page-lay-out. If I set this page with posts as the posts-page in settings, it makes automatically a three-columns-page. And in the three columns page the posts looks awful. The only solution I see now is not to use the posts and let them place there content directly on one page. But this means that a widget about the posts make no sense as there are no posts. You get my drift?

Can I tell them when the update is ready? Or is there another solution?

Another problem is the alignment of the pictures. I want to align the pictures left and have the text right. At the backend it looks all right, but not in the front: see:
Musica will be updated in the next week. The text does not wrap images on your page, because it is in <p> tag, after image. That is mean new paragraph, you have to include <img> in the <p> with text.

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