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Latest Reply from Alice at 2013-10-15 08:41:09

I have added a second user to my site. Now I have the problem that only the admin can change the content layout. If the second user saves a site it allway will be saved with default content layout.

Is there any way to change this?

Please, contact your website administrator to fix this.
I am the administrator! I asked how i can change this setting for the second user.
You can find the tab Users in your dashboard.
Hovering the mouse cursor over the User row reveals the Edit or Delete options under the Username column, in that User row. Clicking on a Username Name will also initiate the Edit Action.
To the right of the Action pull-down box is the Change role to pull-down box. Select a Role, and all the Users that have been selected (checked), will be changed to that Role upon clicking the Change button. At successful completion of the changes, a splash box with the message "Changed roles." displays.
You can find the intelligible instructions here:
Thank you. I knew how to change a users role. The problem is that none of that roles can change the content layout except of my admin user. Editing a page with an other role resets the content layout automatically to default.
Did you try all the roles for your users? You can change the role to Editor or Administrator. These users can change content layout.

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