No sub-pages showing in main menu

Latest Reply from Jerry Johnson at 2014-04-18 13:30:50 Solution
After the latest Wordpress update I no longer see any sub-pages in the main menu. Any ideas on how to fix that. Nothing has changed from the working website...just the wordpress update.
No help here?

More information: The drop down sub pages in the main menu worked fine until a Wordpress update. Another subsequent Wordpress update has not helped.

I can switch the from the Retropress theme to any other theme and the drop down menu works perfectly. So the problem lies in the Retropress theme somewhere.
Could you give us the URL of your website. This probably can be caused by the work of your third-party plugins. Please, try to disable your plugins one by one to detect the problem.
Thanks Dave. I had tried that I thought. But I decided to try again and that was the problem. A plugin conflict that somehow popped up after the Wordpress update or plugin update.

So everything is working again! Yah!

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