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Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-08-22 06:41:44
I am using Originative theme and I wanted to have a string of custom images to be displayed in the slider. I have uploaded all the images and provided the information necessary but they just show up in the slider dashboard as white boxes with blue question marks, and when I check the page, the slider is essentially there but with no images at all.

I have also tried choosing the source as page with featured images and still, no images show in the slider. I have since disabled the slider on homepage since I can't get anything to show up.

Do the images need to be a certain size to work in the slider?

I have also already disabled plugins as the first step in troubleshooting.

Is there any way to include in an update the ability to choose custom slides straight from the media library in WP?

Any ideas?
You can add an image of any resolution. The recommended size depends on the theme you are using.It is impossible to add slides strait from the media library. In any case, you have to specify the location of the image.
Ok, well I do specify the location and still, no pictures are displayed. It shows the slider, with dots depending on how many pics I've assigned and yet there are no pictures. What else can I try?
Please, turn on "Show slider on home/inner pages" on the tab Theme Settings --> Slider in the Dashboard to show the error. Now it is turned off and I can't help you.

I have activated the slider on the home page and added a custom photo which it won't show. It's also not allowing me to upload any other custom photos.
Probably, your plugins conflict with our theme. As I can see you are using a lot of scripts and plugins which may cause these problems. Please, download our theme again and reinstall it.

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