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Node.js has become a popular platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. Along with this, it offers several more benefits to the app development process. It is based on open-source, cross-platform, and JavaScript runtime environment. Node.JS was launched by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009 and was written in C, C++, and JavaScript.

Growth of Node.JS
According to the Statista survey, 49.9 percent of respondents used Node.js, while 37.4 per cent used .NET. The least used framework was CryEngine with only 0.6 percent of respondents reporting to use it. Node.JS is the most used framework among developers worldwide in 2019

According to the official Node.JS Survey Report

The typical respondent is a developer in a small (<100 employees) firm, with 5 years of professional experience,
Although many have 10+ years of total development experience, respondents are somewhat less experienced overall in this wave.
There are notable differences in business and personal profile by region.
Those in the US/CA are older, more experienced and work in larger companies than their peers around the globe.
However, Node.JS is a popular platform and even now many top reputed companies including Yahoo and Paypal have opted for it. There are many more things about Node.JS that every developer should know about it.
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