No colors showing in IE9

Latest Reply from Lympoudis Dimosthenis at 2013-03-12 13:23:16

I am trying our your demo Metropress theme on my test site,, and it displays correctly in Firefox.

However when I view it in Internet Explorer, my main menu bar shoes no background colors. I did resize the bar, but this problem was already there before I did that. The colors work fine in Firefox. If I can get this theme configured the way I want I plan to purchase the upgrade.

Thank you in advance,
I am still waiting for a reply for my question above...

This is not giving me much confidence in the support for this theme. I want to buy this theme, but only if there is adequate support.

Hope to hear a response,
I bought my skin and the administration still does not want to help...
I confirm that in IE the color background of buttons was not shown. Also, if you try to look theme via demo site here:

with IE - everything is OK. So - is that some kind of version difference between downloadable theme and theme in demo?
I forgot to give you url of site. Here it is:

It's on cyrillic, but i do not think that this is the problem...

Thank you in advacne
The theme was fixed. You can re-upload it to your website.
Thank you! I'll try it right now
I confirm that problem is fixed. For all users who have theme installed - if you do not want loose all customizations (if any one) - upload only

metropress\css\ie.css file to
corresponding location in wordpress installation.

Or you can reinstall theme but you need to set all settings again. I belive that Admin will make a update to theme via wordpress shell.

Thank you again admin :)
all the compatibility probs with ie or tablets are fixed now?

Or for tablet compatible view I must use something like wptouch??
I am still waiting for an answer because I bought the theme and the problems with the compatibility among diffirent browsers are huge. ADMIN what we should do???

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