No chance to change the go to menus

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I've read some posts about it but there was no answer. That's why I try it again.
How can I change the two menu name *go to...* and *go to...* of the mobile version in two different names? For example, in *Top Menu* and *Main Menu*.
To fix this you have to replace the code:
	function smt_mobile_menu($menu_name) {
echo '<select class=\'mobile-menu\' id=\'mobile-'.$menu_name.'\'>';
echo '<option value=\'#\'>Go to ...</option>';

	function smt_mobile_menu($menu_name) {
if ($menu_name=='sec-menu') $myMenu='Top menu';
else $myMenu='Main menu';
echo '<select class=\'mobile-menu\' id=\'mobile-'.$menu_name.'\'>';
echo '<option value=\'#\'>'.$myMenu.'</option>';

in the file functions.php located in the directory of the theme.
Thank you for the quick answer. That works perfect. :-)
I did it and work great. I have an additional Question. Somes Days ago the "Go to" Menu stoped to work. I mean, I can select the option but the page never update.

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