NewYear theme not showing Sidebar widgets on mobile view

Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-12-13 01:39:29
I purchased the NewYear theme right about a year ago. I didn't know until now (a customer brought it up) that it didn't show the sidebar widgets in the mobile view on phones.

This is a problem as the contact information (how to get a hold of the owner of the website, ie, email phone number, etc) is on the sidebar widget. This needs to show in mobile view.

How do I fix that? Please provide the code and I can fix it from my end.

Website is:

Sidebar is not supposed to be displayed in the mobile view. You may see demo of the theme - there is no place for sidebar. For example, iPhone 5 screen width is 320px, if you add sidebar to the mobile view, content part width will be around 150px or less. This is very inconvenient for users. So our mobile version of the theme is that way. If you want to change something you may edit theme files on your own risk following one of instructions from our forum on how to edit mobile version of the theme:

I am not trying to put the sidebar on the side of mobile-view like it is on desktops. I agree that is not a good idea.

What I am trying to do is put it under the content area (but before the footer) like other themes and theme-makers do.

Can you tell me what code to change to accomplish that on the NewYear theme please?
To make sisdebar be shown at the bottom of the page in the mobile view means to completely change the structure of the theme. Unfortunately, we don't provide any services for editing themes for individual users.
You would better hire a developer to make these changes or choose the theme which has been published after February 2016 which has exact layout for mobile and desktop view like you need. For example,

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