need to reload page for form to work

Latest Reply from Desmond Lawton at 2013-04-15 12:22:59

I have added some script to the top.php in order to run a form. The form does work but only after the page has been refreshed. I have deactivated all the plugins and the problem is still there - in IE10,Firefox, Chrome & Opera. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

The page in question is

The added script is: -

<script type='text/javascript'>
// updatepage();

$(document).ready(function() {

$('#btnStressTestSubmit').click(function() {

var totalChecked=$('[name="chkChoice"]:checked').length;

if(totalChecked>=8 && totalChecked<=14){
if(totalChecked>=15 && totalChecked<=21){

function ShowResults(resultPanelNumber){

I have found how to stop this from happening but it is really not a proper fix. I have disabled "Load Content Dynamically" and the form works first time, every time.

Is there a proper fix for this where I can still have content loading dynamically and have the form work properly?

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