Need all the advertise and ads removed

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As i saw in previous topics people asked for this things to be removed cose it had to be done manually or something? Anyway i checked how to contact support but i couldn't do it other way so if someone can help me out with searching solution how to remove all the ads from template.

I need template to be clean out of any other ads i do hope this is possible cose i plan buying more templates for future projects i have coming really soon and you guys got really nice templates.

If site address needed is so i hope all the advertise about "free templates" facebook page and bot ads can be removed.

Lf help from Admins asap.

By default sidebars have example widgets, when sidebars are empty. Just add widgets in sidebars on page Appearance->widgets and example widgets will disappear on your pages. To remove String "Designed by..." in your footer you have to purchase a theme.

I did purchase the theme that why i am asking for this to be removed.

I searched for all options i could but i just couldn't remove all the stuff that i wrote before, footer is not the only problem these widgets that i turned off still standing on the site and nothing changed still advertise about "free template site" with facebook like page. Can you look into this please?

Just for the record "Your theme was successful activated at 2012.09.06 with activation key -------------" i got this written but i cannot do anything with theme is same like with free version as it is with this one...

Since i downloaded your theme from another site first and then got the code from you guys here but still it did got activated without problem, anyway i redownloaded the theme from your site and trying to see will anything change with this now.

Well it says already installed so i guess was nothing wrong with the first one, it anyway got activated without any problems.

The difference between free and paid versions is links in the footer. After purchase and activate template you can remove them. You can remove widgets by adding your own on page Appearance-> Widgets.

Sry for spam but i am working on this and still didn't solve basic problem with ads on the theme...also i wanted to know how can i change background image which is just white area atm cose i cannot find anywhere that option to edit it?

Can you explain me which options are to remove footer and which widget are those that got SMThemes logo in the middle of theme?
I am talking about this check the image in the link

Srsly i tryed out removing those widgedt, editing them but still nothing the ads doesn't change.....

Absolutely nothing is working a part what works with free theme, literally i got nothing new available by purchasing the theme and making it active compared to free model, absolutely no difference i cannot change anything that i couldn't have already change at free options...cmon can you fix this please?

For example i want to turn off arrows on main page of slide and off or on doesn't change anything, nothing literally nothing changes i asked about this last night and is been a while already and problem not solved yet, can someone from your staff take look into it?

Can this text be removed also "Designed by, thanks to:, and" ??? cose i manage just to remove widgets at bot but not this?

Please, take a look to this screenshots. I hope it will help you.

I think i figured out but not sure will it work on all pages.

Also another question about Can this text be removed also "Designed by, thanks to:, and" ??? cose i manage just to remove widgets at bot but not this?

I think i got it all working pretty much :) tho i had to edit css.

Well i run into another problem, it is probably with coding, as you can see in the upper side of site you are able to see one of the Categories Guild Wars 2 but even tho i made more categories they are not visible on main page, do you know how to make this function?

The menu manage doesn't give me options to add more menus at top, so if you can explain me how to do it?
There has to be a way to code this that i don't spend whole day searching for which code should i change, i do know css but not that good to edit stuff in and not screw up something.

Hi, you can manage your menus on page Appearance -> Menus. Just add new menu, specify position for it, and add your items.

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