My slider has stopped working

Latest Reply from MK77 at 2013-11-02 12:15:12
My slider has stopped working. Don't know what to do! Please help!
Probably, this is caused by the work of your third-party plugins. Please, give us the URL of your website.
Hi Alice!
my website:
This exact same thing is happening to me, however my drop down's stopped working too., I have deactivated all my plugins and cleared cache and it is still not working. Just like on MK77's if you hit the next button it takes you to a new page, for site/#fp-prev
I'm using the Yummy blog theme and the slider isn't working either. Can't be plug-ins because I've only added 3, Askimet came with Wordpress automatically. I removed one plug-in and deactivated another.

Still no movement on the slider. On slider manager, the thumbnails don't appear but I see the information is still there. Please advise ASAP!!!! This site is for a client and it needs to be ready by Saturday. Thanks!

Please send possible solution to the problem to
Could you give us the URL of your web site, please.
Hi Alice,

The url to the site is Thanks in advance for your help.
Ok, What is going on? Now the featured image appears not only as a thumbnail in the list of categorized posts, but also in the post itself. So as you'll see on the first post under The Therapist Writer, the image appears twice in the post.

That's a coding error, that didn't exist just a week ago! Has the theme not been updated along with the newest version of Wordpress? Could that be the problem. Please advise ASAP to so that I'll know quickly when you respond with instruction. Thanks!
Yes!the problem was third-party plugin Cyclone Slider 2.
Thank Alice!!!

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