my options load posts dynamically doesnt work

Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-04-02 04:11:04
my options load posts dynamically doesn't work?
Can anyone help me, please?
Could you give us the URL of your website. The option "Load Posts Dynamically" works, you may turn it on/off on page Theme Settings --> Layout in the dashboard of your website.
Thank you, for helping me with my problem.
Of course I tried to turn it on ,on page Theme Settings --> Layout, but nothing happend , still does not work, everything that happened was that all of the posts were shawn on the same page.... It shows 5 posts and then says "Page 2" then shows 5 more posts and says "Page 3" and so on. Here is my website for reference..
This is exactly how this option works. You may disable it to turn on page navigation or enable it to load posts dynamically - the pages appear when scrolling down.

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