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I am at the moment using a demo version of this template, and I am hoping to buy but before i plunge into a purchase please can you tell me. On the slidebar there are 2 images that are hidden i would like to remove these as they do not serve any purpose. Also I would like to know when you click read more it highlights a red and I would like to use this color for creating my headings, please can you tell me the code to use this.
Thank you
Ok i have removed those images after reading another topic here i edited the slider.png and re-uploaded it in the c-panel and everything is fine. If someone can tell me how to get that color from the read more tag that would be great.

I believe you can find it in the CSS. Look for a.readmore in the CSS. Also if you have the template unzipped on the hard-drive you can find the images in the images folder and open them in a photo program.


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