MusicPress breaks in WP 3.5 and up

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When my site upgraded to Wordpress 3.5, and then 3.5.1, I became unable to switch between visual and text editors when using this theme. I have duplicated this issue by switching to this theme on several sites and the same issue occurs.

The JS errors I get when loading an edit screen are:

TypeError: e is undefined
[Break On This Error]

...eturn t?u.length:u?nt.error(e):L(e,a).slice(0)}function at(e,t,r){var i=t.dir,s=...

load-s...r=3.5.1 (line 2)

TypeError: $(".insert-media").pointer is not a function
[Break On This Error]

$('.insert-media').pointer( options ).pointer('open');

post.p...on=edit (line 1259)

When I try to click the Visual or Text tabs, I get the following error:

TypeError: switchEditors is undefined
I see the solution was added as a sticky post in the forum. It would be great if an update was released to these themes.
Hi, there!
At this moment all themes in our catalog are compatible with WordPress 3.5 and WordPress 3.5.1. If you still have problems after you uploaded new theme, please clear cache in your browser. Just open your dashboard, and press CTRL+F5 in your browser.

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