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Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-05-25 03:28:14
It seems that since my last edit (which was a few weeks ago) the Music Portal tab for customizing the Music Portal theme isn't working. I can't click on any of the links inside the page to edit or modify. The functions are working properly on the site itself, however I can't change any options.

I have tried redownloading the theme and reuploading the inc folder, but that did not help.

Any suggestions?

Website in question is
And now apparently since I reuploaded the inc folder, it's asking me to reinsert the copyright links into the footer, even though I never removed them...

Could you clarify whether you have updated the entire theme folder or the only inc folder, please. To update the theme you need to reupload the first one. Let us know if the issues are still there.
Hi Grace,
I only re-uploaded the inc folder, to see if it would fix the broken Music Portal customization section of the dashboard.

In this case update the entire theme and let us know if the dashboard issue is still there.
Hi Grace,
I have reuploaded the entire theme, and still no luck with the dashboard.

Could you send me a screenshot of the dashboard issue, please. Perhaps, it would be more convenient if you could send it via In most cases we need confidential website information to help fix issues of this kind.

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