Multiple Problems (Navigation & Slider)

Latest Reply from === at 2013-01-22 16:25:49
Using MetroPress I am having two different problems.

1. No matter what size I make the thumbnails (even the recommended 990 x 409), some of the image is cut off at the bottom of the slider. I also have this problem with the Garage theme.

2. When I remove all categories except the 1 main category (in my case called Home), beside the Home tab on the navigation it says "no categories". I also have this problem with the Garage theme.

I must be doing something wrong! Please help me. Thank you.
1. Could you give us your website url?
2. You can manage menus on page Appearance->Menus in your dashboard ( and

I don't need menus, I just need the category titles to appear properly. I only want there to be one category for "Home" but I keep getting the error "No categories" beside it.

I'm having both problems with both those sites on the two separate themes.

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