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Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-04-14 06:35:20
Hello, I would like to reduce the white space between the post titled and the featured image. Our url is If you look at the home page, we would like to reduce the spacing between the movie title (i.e. "Lone Survivor" and the picture right beneath it. I would like this to be consistent throughout all current and future posts, so I assume I need to adjust the code.
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Please, clarify the issue. Unfortunately,I can't find the title "Lone Survivor".
Hi, I would like to bring the featured image closer to the post title. If you visit the website now, you will see the post for Captain America in the home page. Basically, reduce the white space between the post title and the image. I would like this to be permanent for all future posts. Thanks!

To fix this you can replace the 67th line in the file css --> index.css with:
.articles .post-caption { margin:0px; padding:0; padding-top:1px; padding-bottom: -31px; margin-bottom: -20px;}
Hello again, I don't see that file name on my list of files. Is this the style sheet? Could you please let me know what the line I am replacing looks like so I can find it? Thank you!
This file is located in the folder css which is in the main directory of the theme.

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