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Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-04-01 03:46:51
I like the look of this theme and I bought it, but the CSS files are completely disorganized and I can't hardly find anything. It took me an hour just to find the H1 tag.

I want to change the Font-Size of the main BODY text on my pages and I can't even find where this setting is in any of the CSS files.

There are 9 different CSS files included in the Monamour theme. I searched all of the CSS files trying to find the Font-Size that is being used for plain text and I can't find what class is being used.

There is a MOBILE.CSS file, but the INDEX.CSS file says it is only for mobile with (min-width:240px) and (max-width:600px). This doesn't make sense.

These are all of the CSS files:

Are all 9 of these CSS files really being used?
What CSS class is being used for the Main Body Text on pages and which CSS file is it in?
What CSS class is being used for the Top Main Menu Text and which CSS file is it in?
There are several css files used for the proper work of the theme. All they are necessary for different browsers, for various screen sizes and so on. To edit the appearance you have to inspect the website and you will see where is placed the code you need to change. Here is some useful information:

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