Molecula - Dropdown Menu Issue

Latest Reply from Zenden8686 at 2013-09-25 03:13:45
Good Morning,

I am interested in using the Molecula theme for my workplaces new wordpress site but i am having a problem with the dropdown menu in internet explorer.

The menu works perfectly in chrome and in firefox and also works fine for some versions of internet explorer. However, IE10.0.8 on my PC has a problem. When hovering over the menu, the dropdown menu does not appear. I have investigated this by comparing it to a PC where it does work with IE10 and have found the following:

on the PC where it DOES work, the link shows: <a href="#">

However, on the PC where it DOES NOT work, the link shows : <a href="#" jQuery172002603814960987333="19">

It seems, that it is attempting to load some form of jQuery but that it is not functioning.

Can you help with this at all please? I love the theme and am really keen to use it.


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