Modelling Blog Page Posts Not Showing Up

Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-10-29 06:33:34
Whenever I set my home page to "latest blog post" the posts show up on the home page. But when I click on the Blog page link in my menu, it's blank.

But whenever I set the home page to "static page" and click on the Blog page link in my menu, it's fine and the posts are there.

I've already set up the categories and all of that so I'm not sure what's going on. Please advise.
Please, give me the URL of your website.
Did you fix the problem? The link blog works now, but there is no posts.
Hi Dave
No I did not fix the problem. That's what I'm trying to tell you. None of my posts will show up under the Blog link. The page is blank. As you can see on my home page though, there are several blog posts already up.
It seems like it is not a category page. Is it a category? Have you assigned any posts for this category?
Please, read this instruction for these WordPress customizations:

I have assigned categories to the posts but the posts still aren't showing up under the Blog link
Did you create the category Blog? Obviously, there is no category Blog and no post in this category, isn't it?
Yes, there is a category for Blog and all of my posts are assigned to it, but the Blog page is still empty. Apparently, the theme (or page) is not pulling in the categories.

Also, why isn't the Home page showing up in the Pages dashboard? I can't edit it or add SEO settings to it
Perhaps, you have to adjust your menus to add the exact category to the menu as an item and link it to your posts. Please, read the following instructions here:
To set one of your pages as a home page you have to follow these instructions:
None of that is the problem.

Instead of setting the Home page as "Your Latest Post" which is how I would like for home page to look, I changed it to a "Static Page." But now, I don't see anyway to put my blog post on the Home page in the empty space.

Please, clarify the problem you have now.

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