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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-08-27 04:27:11
Hi I use the playcube theme. When on the mobile site, the top menu "Go To" mobile menu shows no options. How do i fix this.


Probably, you are using only Main menu on your website. If I'm not right ( unfortunately, I can't visit your website ) then you need to delete the code:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?>
from the header.php file located in the directory of the theme.
It is the exact opposite, I have disabled the main menu and only use the top menu for navigation. It works fine on the regular site, but when on the mobile site it doesn't work
Ih this case you need to delete the code:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('main-menu'); ?>

from the header.php file located in the directory of the theme.
I'm sorry. I must have worded it wrongly. I have disabled the main menu already on both mobile and normal, how ever the top menu with "Go To" on it shows no options, even though I have options for it. The top menu is fine in full screen, but as soon as it collapse or is in mobile, it shows "Go To" and then I click on it there are not menu options.

Sorry For Any Confusion,
Could you give us the URL of your website to clarify the issue?
I'm sorry, i am currently setting up HTTPS so my site is down, i do have pictures to show you though.

Sorry, they don't show,

There should be the code:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?>
<?php smt_mobile_menu('main-menu'); ?>

in the header.php file of your theme. Please, find this code. If you removed some of these lines - put it back.
If one of the drop down menus contains options that means that you have deleted the incorrect line. Unfortunately, I can't detect the problem whithout visiting your website.

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