Mobile Phone issue

Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-01-21 03:23:54
Bought the TheGame theme today.

If you see the website on a Mobile devise there are 2 situations.

1 - At the top you get 2 dropdown menus
2 - How/where change/translate the words " Go to ... "

How to fix this?

Thank you
We have already replied you via email. However, I would better place here an answer to help other people with the same issue:

"First of all you get 2 drop down menus in the mobile mode and it is OK - have a look at the demo of the theme.
There are two menus in the desktop view, so you get two menus in the mobile mode.

The second thing you may change in the functions.php file of the theme, find the line:
echo '<option value=\'#\'>Go to ...</option>';
and replace the "Go to ..." text.

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