mobile menu shows but doesnt work

Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-10-22 02:09:06
ever since I move my site to a new domain, I have several issues;

the mobile menu still shows, and pages are selectable, but they won't load as you click them.
(see new location link on mobile device)

I have exactly the same site set up at it's first location, and over there the mobile menu works without any problem. (see old location link on mobile device)

working old location:

new location

Please assist.


ps: theme: ExtremeSport (purchased)
Dear admin.

Looks like the above problem starts with activating the theme.
I purchased the theme, activated it, and ...

SPEND THE NEXT 5 HOURS trying to find out why the mobile menu went south.

As I can see menu works in mobile mode on both of your sites. Did you fixed this error?

I am using BizPress and have the same problem - meaning on my iPhone I see the menues, I can even select items, but than the WebSite just waits... If I use the navigation in the footer, it works...

Help---- Pleeeeze

I have atletica theme and the menu don't work on mobile. Web site:

Thaks for helping

I have Garage theme and links in menu works on my HTC Desire HD only when i use "open in new page"
My frends have the same problem

Everytime I load a new page using the Extreme Sport SMS Theme, it jumps down the webpage, then it jumps back up to the top when it is fully reloaded. How can I make the webpage simply redirect to the place where my content is and not just jump up to the top where only the banner/slider is shown????

The website I am in charge of:
I notice that no one got a solution to this and I have purchased many themes with SMthemes and none of them work on the mobile... Can anyone assist at why the links do not work on the mobile devices?
We have sent a solution to you via email.

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