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Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-07-05 04:50:44

On Autoland theme.
The mobile menu does not work on a mobile.
It will however work on a large screen.
The footer mobile menu is working though.
I have disabled plugins but to no avail.
You may view the site at

We have already reply to you via email.
Hi Grace,
Not sure if you received my email reply.
I did as you instructed but it's still not working.
I await further instructions, thanks.

We have received your email and already replied.
Thank you for your reply.

The console errors refer to the fonts.css missing. I have placed that folder there now and there are no more errors.
I have deactivated all plugins and still no working menu.
The changes I have made are minimal like images for the slideshow and css to change colours.

If I deactivate the child theme and activate autoland (parent and original) the menu is not working there either.
If you have a fresh copy of autoland that has a working mobile menu on a mobile phone please send it to me as a zip.


We have already sent the latest version of the Autoland theme to you via email.

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