mobile device menu list boxes not functional search bar incorrectly alligned

Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-11-20 06:28:23
When viewing my site:

from a mobile device that forces the mobile responsive layout, the list boxes that appear to replace the horizontal main menu bar do not function(selected page does not load, no new page loads); the same is true for the "top menu"

When using ipad:
Safari ==> problem occurs
Firefox ==> no problem (reverts to standard layout)

When using smartphone:
any app ==> problem occurs

Also, noticed the search bar does not appear to function correctly either, the area to type in a search is located below the actual search box area.

Running WP 3.6.1

Thanks for help.

I have tried downloading a fresh install which errored:
"Destination folder already exists. /her.../walnawe..../..../......../wp-content/themes/architecture/

Theme install failed."

Please, add the following code to the section <head> in the file top.php:

Could you clarify the issue about Search box? As I can see it works.

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