Misaligned border

Latest Reply from soulwake at 2013-04-25 11:04:15 Solution
When I began adding pages to the Celebrity theme the border to the right of the page text would be pushed out and misalign from the rest of the border. This happens whether or not the sidebar is visible or not.
A screenshot can be downloaded at http://wikisend.com/download/559838/misaligned border.PNG
I figured it out. After reviewing the CSS files and noticing that all the border images are all using the same CSS code it could not be a problem with the code itself. So I went to the "/images/content" folder to review the images and reviewed their widths. Sure enough, the main-n.png file was the culprit having a 1004px width instead of 1000px like every other file. Once I resized the image to 1000px and popped it back into the template everything fits now. I would suggest correcting that file because it breaks EVERY page. I'm not sure why I am the first to find this but oh well!

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