MiddleEarth theme not working with bbPress

Latest Reply from Guido Henkel at 2013-09-29 18:48:20

I've installed the MiddleEarth theme (v1.0.2) on my blog but there is some trouble with the bbPress message board plug-in. It is not working at all. None of the content from the message board is visible and all that is being displayed is a post for each forum with nothing but the description in it.

Has anyone had any luck getting this theme to work with bbPress? Do I have an outdated version, perhaps? If so, where can I get the latest MiddleEarth theme update?

Thank you so much for any info or suggestions.
Some research showed that evidently, the theme is using the query_posts() function in theloop.php, which is a big No-No. (http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/query_posts)

Anyone have suggestions how to resolve this and get rid of the broken function call?

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