MetroPress options cannot be migrated with wordpress

Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-12-20 06:52:40

Today I've put my site online, migrating it from my localhost.
WP works fine, but metropress somehow didn't get parameters from DB and used default options.
E.g. slides are reset to 1.jpg, 2.jpg, ... with default description, though I've set different images for slider.
At the same time I can see in DB: wp_options table for parameter "Slider" that information is correct - with my new images and not default ones.
Also I got some other metropress settings that were taken as default but not from DB.

Is there any way to force metropress to get information from DB and not to use default one?

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All the settings are saved in your DB. If something crashes after moving your site, you have made smth wrong. You can find more information here:
Unfortunately, this is not incorrect migration issue, as far as all other parts of the site are working well.
The problem appeared only for metropress settings and only to it's Slider part - all other paragraphs, like General, Social buttons, Translation - are migrated well - with the same values as on local server.
And I can see that parameters are present in DB, but metropress doesn't take them and uses default values.
Actually, I wasn't able to find even in source code of metropress here should it take values from DB.
Unfortunately, this is impossible to fix remotely. Our themes really don't cause this problem.

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