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There are two menu banners that are part of the default Educator template. I only really need one, or they ought to look a bit more coordinated (i.e. where I want things appearing). For our site, it would be preferential for this to function FIRST as web pages [it is a .INFO site, where we want promotional material about our campus to be public view], and secondly as the "campus blog"

So I'd like to make the "pages" show where the "categories" are, and not have things jumping back and forth. "Home" should be first, but for whatever reason, I can't figure out how to get inside it. For now, I built a page that has another name, and it appears on the top [smaller] banner. Can it be "moved" down on the main one?

Either one banner of pages listed in order, or the two working in harmony. At the moment it is a bit awkward. But in any case, the "home" page should NOT have "comments" attached under categories. A home page [personal opinion here] ought to be static.

Also, I want to turn off "comments" on a variety of the pages. How to? Why on earth would we want people commenting on our Deans, instructors, etc.? From where we come from, this is inviting people to attack any little thing they see and dislike in our backgrounds, the courses we are teaching, etc. Having a place for student testimonials would be fine, and appropriate. A separate page would be fine for those things. But not just general comments on a front page like that.

Beyond those nuances, I'm overall pleased with things as they are coming together. We haven't linked it to our new site yet (while under construction) until we have all the quirks ironed out.

The slide show is an excellent feature. I tweaked that to be a rather nice introduction to who we are, and our educational perspective. Love it. Now if we can just adjust the page layout and menus, we'll be ready to go live, building more things along the journey.

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