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So I had this issue on another site that I created with a Smthemes product and I am testing another theme but would really like some input on what everyone is doing with their menu system with these themes:

First I really like the themes except not have an option for two menus to be assigned, one for Main and one for Mobile.

With that said, if I open the page on my nexus 5 with a 1080p screen the menu is just unruly even with just 5-8 sub menu as the resolution of the phone doesn't play nice with the themes settings.

On all tablets and phones no matter what the resolution I wish the menu would be the pull down box and not the entire list shown.

I will try to post a screen shot or you can goto on PC then high resolution phone/tablet to see what I mean.

Any ideas/solutions would be great.

As I can understand you don't like the tablet mode of the theme and you would like to enable mobile mode on the tablet devices. In this case you have to follow the instruction on how to do this:

If you want to disable the responsive web design at all you need to follow this instruction:
Thanks Dave, but if you look at that thread, the end you will notice that didn't work for me.

I will try again....
Dave - also I am by no means an expert but your code in the themes checks for the screen resolution correct to determine the menu type?

If that is the case this will never work for my nexus 5 or similar phones/tablets that have 1080p screens with high resolutions, isn't there a way to determine menu type by device type?
Yes, the theme works this way. It adapts the layout to the screen size of your device. Unfortunately, we don't edit the theme for individual users.
Thanks Dave, so with that said how can I overcome the menu system when it appears unruly like this example on a HTC one, viewing my site landscape on the phone:
or like this:

I really don't want that menu to ever be seen.

Any suggestions? Thanks again for all you help.
You can simply disable the responsive web design by following the instruction: if you dislike it.
Thanks Dave, I want the responsive design but I only want the one mobile menu that is the pull down list? I don't want the menu that is colored and has all the options listed - that is too much for my large menu system.

Thanks again.
So you have to use the following instruction to switch the tablet mode to the mobile:
Dave - sorry but as I mentioned in that same thread I have an issue

On my phone & Tablet (Nexus 5 and Nexus 7) and PC when I go to the site with www.... before the address it works fine but if you type in just without the www it just gives me a blank screen, If I turn off the theme and go back to Wordpress default theme it works properly any thoughts?
This issue is due to your hosting settings. Please, contact your host provider to fix this.
Dave, it is not an issue with my host, it is the modifications you suggested for disabling tablet mode (

because when I undo those changes the theme works properly (i.e. wordpress/hosting etc).

I have used your directions to remove tablet mode but it really messes up wordpress with those changes you suggested above.

besides the blank screen it also conflicted with the header information and I was unable to login to my site (see issue here:

As I said, I have followed your instructions to remove tablet mode twice once several months ago from the original thread you referenced and again in this thread but with no success and errors created in my install.

Any other suggestions besides your original modifications as those just don't play nice with Wordpress and your theme? I really would like the tablet mode removed.

Thanks again.

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