Menu Links work on Mobile but not on Computer

Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-04-06 03:12:33
Hi all. Great little theme, silentmusic.

Inexplicably (that is, no messing about with CSS or PHP code at ALL), the hyperlinks for the main menu ceased displaying, and indeed, no longer point to the pages the names imply.

It's not a permalink issue -- I've set and reset all of those. It's not a landing page issue -- that's not been anything I changed.

The theme supports two menus: main and top. On the top menu, I have two parent-child drop down menus, which work on computer and mobile platforms. The main menu simply doesn't respond, not even when I use the working top menu as the main menu also. I've also tried the workaround in the dashboard->menu of using "custom links" instead of pages -- to no avail.

I should mention that appending the names of the pages (/projects, /journal) works, but only manually.

tl;dr Menu pages on don't provide links.

Not sure how to attack this. Any experts?


The blog

I've tried to check your website but there is the Desound theme installed.
Have you changed the theme? Now all the menus are working as I can see.

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