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My website seems to have an issue with the Menu bar. It appears that half is listed as bullet points but i cant seem to see why.

The menu bar was working perfectly fine, however when I updated wordpress it appears to have broken it. I then tried back dating wordpress to an older version which also did not work.

Could you please look into this as a matter of urgency as to our readers and clients this does not look good.

Thanks Josh

The latest WordPress update has change the menu structure, that's why we had to update our themes. To fix this you need to find two lines inside the functions.php file of the theme:


and replace them with:


If you don't want to delve in code you may just download the updated version of the theme and replace the entire functions.php file located inside the theme directory on your server.
Thanks a lot, it works, now I have the correct menus on WP 4.8
Hi Dave, Same problem here, I looked into the functions.php, but can't find these lines. There also isn't an new update on my theme (Originative), but menu structure is messed up. What would you advise?

This is the best insruction on how to fix the menu (read my previous post)
You may follow the instruction or just download the updated version of the theme and replace your current wp-content/themes/originative/functions.php file with the new one from the newly downloaded theme.

Functions.php file of your version of the theme contains these lines for sure. Perhaps, you have looked into another functions.php file. Please, make a backup before editing the theme or replacing the files.

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