menu dropdowns not working on page with plugin

Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-11-08 13:41:59
I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why the TablePress plugin is causing the top menu dropdowns to disappear.
In other words, the sub-categories don't show for the top menu on the page where I have placed the shortcode for a table (created using TablePress)

you can see here:
(compare the navigation menu)
<a href="">Works correctly</a>

<a href="">Menu doesn't show sub-categories</a>

I checked your websites and didn't find any compatibility errors of our theme and the plugin.

I suppose, you have two versions of your website. The first one is the spanish version (, and the second one is the english version ( The spanish version has the dropdowns for the PRODUCTOS menu item, and the english one doesn't. You can try to go to the Dashboard of the english version of the website and add the dropdowns for the PRODUCTS item.
Thanks so much for your reply. I only just saw it today!! I didn't receive an email notification, and forgot to check back here until today, that I am updating some content on the site, and remembered this problem.

I am still having the issue though - the dropdown doesn't work on either the spanish or english menu...

Could it be a conflict with the "Ultimate Tables" plugin? I need to maintain that plugin, so uninstalling it isn't an option :(

Thank you.

Unfortunately, your website is '- PÁGINA EN MANTENIMIENTO -'. So I can't visit it. But if the reason for your problem is plugin. I'm not able to solve this problem. Javascript conflict is rather hard problem. It is much easier to change plugin sometimes.

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