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Hello SMthemes team,

I´m using the cinemalounge theme but when I navigate in the site sometimes when I click in the menu the page don´t load. If you can help me I will apreciate.

the website is

thank you

First your website has a lot of JavaScript and jQuery library errors. i don't know why, but as i see you remove footer links and so many changes that can 'caused this errors!

there is two options:
1. you purchase the links ( i didn't see this errors in other purchased websites, specially the original demo! )
2. you remove links by yourself and it is illegal.

Respectfully, i don't purchase any link ( yet ), so i don't sure about that.
if you remove links by yourself, it 'caused your site has broken.

if you didn't changed the basics of the site, please try to re-install the theme again and i'm sure your problem will solve.

i repeat, i don't purchase any link to know what changes they do on the website and codes, but i get a source from your site and saw many HTML errors too !

maybe your changes 'caused that.
please check the CinemaLounge Demo:

everything works fine.

the problem that your site has, is about changing page from contact page to other blank pages and inverse. blank pages swap successfully but blank pages to contact page have no changes, it just jump to content! that the demo has no problem.

please explain more about your changes that you did and i can help you as a member of this grate team :)

Hope understand my words,
Have fun!

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