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Medical Theme - MENUS

I have a site with 12 Categories, and everything does NOT fit in the TOP and MAIN Menu...
I would like to duplicate the MAIN Menu on top of the SLIDER , below the Slider..

1 ) Repeat a MENU section below the SLIDER

2_ Have the MENU start displaying all the way to the LEFT, not start 1/2 of the ways in

see the site here >>

One more GREEN Bar below the SLIDER, and not have the menu start 1/4 of the way in..

Thanks in advance..
Hi there!
Could you clarify the URL of your website?
Hi Dave... and THANKS !! here it is....
the URL of your website? >>
I see, but there is only "I just installed WordPress free at

MOJO Marketplace — a leader in Themes, Plugins, and Professional Services…"...
SO sorry.. here it is again >>
Thank you for letting us know about this. To fix this you just have to open style.css located in the directory of the theme and find the code:
/*------------------------------ MENU ------------------------------*/
#secondarymenu-container {

Simply replace the line:

SWEET !!! will give it a try an let you know ...
First Off, THANK You !!
This part worked beautifully for #2, be it does not address or answer #1 and #3

1 - Gap between GREEN Bar and SLIDER, is it adjustable ?
2 - Can MENUS start at the BEGINNING of GREEN BAR ?
3 - NEED to DUPLICATE Green Bar below SLIDER, in order to satisfy 12 Categories

****PLEASE*** see here , how the FULL Menus looks >>
1) To fix the first problem you need to decrease number of menu items by creating your own menu on page Appearance --> Menus. For instance, you may create a multi-level menu.

2) To duplicate the green bar you need to edit header.php file. Our theme doesn't have menu under slider and we don't provide any services for editing themes for individual users.

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