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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-08-05 04:56:40
The marker in the build-in map plugin does not show correctly, we discussed before.
You did an update to the theme and it worked a short time correct but not any more and I already tried to reinstall the updated theme again.

So, I thought to use another maps plugin to get rid of this stupid situation since nobody seems being able to update the theme.
Only problem, I tried 4 other maps plugins, is that now the markers do not show on other map plugins. It works on the admin side but not on the frontend.

So... If somebody could fix this ASAP and it has been long enough to really say ASAP.

OR you delete the map plugin out of your theme, or you fix it or you give me my money back.

This has costs me too many hours and the result is that I still don't have a working map and it really is about time now that it is going to work.

Don't ask me stupid questions, fix it. If you need access to my site then ask direct and not here since this forum doesn't send notifications of replies and I have better things to do then to come here and check if someone was so kind to give me a reply.

We have fixed this bug. Unfortunately, Google Maps developers has changed their code a bit. This caused this issue. Sorry for inconvenience. Now you may download the updated version of the theme. However, we have sent you a file that you need to change by email. Since you are using the activated version of the theme you would better replace just one file on your server.
Well, thank you for the response.
Nothing received on email.
Will try to see which file is last changed in the new theme download
Map is showing good location now.
But still have the problem with the markers that are not visible front end.
Works perfect back end.

Happened after deleting theme and installing new one, probably one time too much.
Like you can see, the markers disappear for any kind of map plugin. Different markers too on both maps so it is not 1 icon that isn't working. Something prevents the markers from showing on front end.

Please delete links after checking.
Whatever you are doing it is not fixing anything.

After 5 minutes same problem.
In those 5 minutes I uploaded 2 icons to the social-profiles map in images map.
I disabled the other map to see if the icons would be showing.

I looked at the site and marker is again not in the right location.


This is becoming a bit irritating.

Throw your garbage map plugin out of the theme, make sure you solve the marker problem and let me finally have a working theme.
Thank you!
We have fixed this problem. If we enter your coordinates our map shows the correct location. We have sent you message to your email which has been specified by payment. Unfortunately, your mail server rejected our email as it contains attachment. We have sent it to you again without attachment.

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