Malware Detection with RetroPress Theme

Latest Reply from Dave at 2018-01-29 02:02:14
Google has just recently detected malware on my website using the RetroPress WordPress theme. Do you have any known fixes for this? I'm afraid I'm going to have to dump your theme if your code has been compromised and reinstall a different one. Thanks!
Our themes don't have any malware. There are a lot of things that may cause this problem: third-party plugins, widgets, even settings of your server.
I have had the exact same experience. I hadn't activated any new plugins, widgets, etc.
If you had this experience, could you please send us a screenshot or message which you got from google?

It must point you to the needed drection where the malware on your website is. Besides, if you use a light password to your wordpress you don't have to install some widget or plugin, malware will easily find the way to inject the needed code.

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